Twitter search results appear in Spanish. When translating to English, it separates the (@ & Username). People won't get my tweets in their mentions


I live in America, so my twitter search page results always appeared in English, but now for some reason, all the results appear in Spanish. When I translate to English, in Google Chrome, it automatically puts a space between (@ & Username) & people I tweet aren’t getting my tweets in their mentions because of this. What is going on? How can I get this issue resolved? I don’t know what to do. If I need to contact @Support, which options/categories should I use?



Also, when the search page of the person I tweeted first appears, I’m shown correctly, in “TOP TWEETS” with @Username together, but when selecting “ALL TWEETS” it displays (@ Username) with a space between & when I click on their name it says “Internal Server Error.” Also, all the other tweets on the search page from other users only display the person’s name without the @. In other words, all other tweets on the page are not meant to be sent to the person because the name is without the @ sign & I know for a fact that this person did not block OR report me for spam or anything. PLEASE HELP!