Twitter Search query widget showing no tweets even though they exist?



I am using a Twitter Search widget to display “top tweets” with certain hashtags from a specific user. This was working perfectly fine up until a few days ago, but now the widget says “Hmm and empty timeline, that’s weird.” Stranger yet, when I click the “Check for Tweets” button it does display the tweets that used to display in the widget.

Any ideas why the widget doesn’t show the tweets even though they exist?


How far in the past are the Tweets you expect to see in the widget? A search timeline widget has a more limited view into the past than search: about 7 days.


They are quite far in the past, but I was under the assumption that it didn’t matter if you include “Top Tweets.” Up until last week the widget was showing posts from January 2015, but it suddenly started showing an empty timeline.


A search widget not showing a Tweet from January is the current expected behavior.


When did that change? Because like I said, up until last week it was showing those tweets. Here’s a screenshot I took when it was working, as you can see, it is showing Tweets all the way back from January 2014:


So today the tweets are showing again(without changing anything), at least on the front end, while in the back end it is still saying “hmmm an empty timeline,” seems like there is definitely something wonky going on here.