Twitter Search problem



When updating an web application I made last year, I encountered a problem.

My application uses the REST API v1.1. It searches for hashtags used in tweets using GET search/tweets. The app is making a request to Twitter, with for example this request: search\tweets.json?q=%20gddkse%20OR%20%40gddkse . I expact texpectquest to return all tweets with hashtag #gddkse or the mention @gddkse. Yet, this request return no tweets, although I have just tweeted with the hashtag.

I’ve read that the search API can only find tweets that are “younger” than 1 week. The tweet I sent was not, so that can not be the problem. I’ve also read that not all tweets are indexed by the Twitter search because of they want to show only most relevant tweets to you. I think this is the problem for my application. But for my application I need to receive ALL tweets with the hashtag or the mention.

Is this possible using another API or passing a parameter to the search API?

Thanks in advance!