Twitter search not working for specific user


I’m making a small widget for a commercial website which has three twitter accounts:
@uepa, @uepatickets and @ueparadioshow



not working:

Every other account i put there works normally, why specifically @ueparadioshow is not outputting results?
I’ve check the accounts settings and everything looks normal.
Any suggestions?

UPDATE: updated endpoints. still no solution.


First – you’re using invalid endpoints is invalid – use

Second – @ueparadioshow is not appearing in search, possibly due to reasons explained in this help document: – The account owner will need to work with @Support for any resolution.


First thanks a lot for the reply. It helps clarify a bit possible causes.
Updated with valid endpoints as you suggest and still no results for @ueparadioshow

Also, i couldn’t find any issue regarding missing info in that account. everything looks normal, and we use actively that account everyday.

This is my current isolated test:


Some accounts simply don’t surface in search. While I don’t know the reason this particular account isn’t surfacing in search, the help desk article I linked to above will indicate the reasons why this might be the case and further instructions to let support know that you think the account’s tweets should be in search.

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