Twitter Search needed all just # with contest not just contest


Hi There,

I want to fetch all contests related tweet on my website but i want all contests with # tag. I don’t want to pull just contest word it should be like #devcontest,#contest,#carcontest not just contest word. Is it possible to do?

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Contest Raja


You can use a search widget to pull in tweets with hashtags you’re interested in. Set your search to "#devcontest OR #contest OR #carcontest OR … " and include the desired hashtags.

If you’re asking if you can easily search for any hashtag at all containing the word “contest” then the answer’s no I’m afraid.


Hi Issach,

Is it possible if i search like #*contest?


No, that would not work, the search doesn’t accept any kind of wildcard like that. As @isaach says, there’s no simple way to achieve what you are asking for.


Is there any way that i can use wildcard for search? Because i am using twitter fetch api for my website.


Not using the Twitter REST API, no.