Twitter Search Inconsistencies - PLEASE HELP


I am a Social Media Strategist and work with clients to manage their social media presence. Through Twitter, I execute different searches throughout the day to reach potential clients.

The other Social Strategists and I have noticed a ton of inconsistencies in our recent Twitter searches. We aren’t seeing NEARLY as many results as we should be. And the exact searches I perform from my personal account yield different results than when I execute logged in from the client account.

I started noticing this problem when the advanced search changed from manually typing in your location and the mileage that you want to search – to the computer using your location.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or have any suggestions?


Sorry about this!

The geographical part of your question is related to a technical issue we have had ongoing for the past couple of months with geo data and Tweets. Unfortunately I still can’t say exactly when this will be resolved, but we are working on it actively.

The other piece you mention is that you’re seeing different results depending on which account is logged in - I can’t comment on what might be going on there. This discussion forum is intended for developers using the Twitter API rather than the way the website or mobile clients work.