Twitter search api with hindi characters in the query returns 403 err



I am receiving 403 error from search api when using this query:
“सार्वजनिक स्वास्थ्य जॉन्स हॉपकिन्स विश्वविद्यालय” OR “एमए एन ए पौष्टिक सहायता उत्पाद निगम” OR “मेडिसिन्स सैंस फ्रंटियर्स”

{exceptionCode=[8e13056f-6071abbc], statusCode=403, message=Missing or invalid url parameter., code=195, retryAfter=-1, rateLimitStatus=RateLimitStatusJSONImpl{remaining=447, limit=450, resetTimeInSeconds=1464249586, secondsUntilReset=695}, version=4.0.1}

It is strange because if I cut any element from original query it works.

The request I send is:


I see that it has something to do with the length of the query.
I know that the limit is 500 chars, but I thought it is a limit of characters in the query.
My query has 122 chars, but when url encoded it has 934 chars.
So what exactly the limit of 500 chars is?