Twitter Search API not returning data



Hello Twitter team,

We are facing an issue wherein the tweet search functionality is giving us some hard time. We are using the following documentation links:

Documentation Link:
Documentation to build the query:

However we are facing a peculiar issue when the first call is giving us results, but the subsequent call is failing.

This is the query for which we are looking for results:
"“Office365” OR “Office 365” OR “SharePoint” OR “OneDrive for Business” OR “OneDriveforBusiness” OR “Skype for Business” OR “SkypeforBusiness” OR “Teams” OR “Yammer” OR #o365 -イカナカマ -美少女 -幼馴染 -ガチャ -ikanakama -野球 -AKB -渋谷 -#渋大 -#重ねた足跡公演 -哈利波特 -広告非表示などプレミアム機能追加 -新たな仮想通貨取引所 -SKE -SKE -鮫浦湾 -江戸川 -ポケモン -嘘じゃない -RT Lang:ja"

The call is working fine but when I use max_id parameter, the API call does not return any data.

Can you please guide me regarding this.


Some notes here:

  • you’re using the standard API search endpoint (not the premium search), so you should look at to build the query.
  • with_twitter_user_id is no longer a supported parameter, but I think Twitter4J is including it for you automatically
  • count=101 is not valid since that parameter tops out at 100 results.
  • it is redundant to use lang:ja in the query and also have lang=ja on the API call.

What API response do you receive? What HTTP headers are you seeing?

Have you been able to reproduce this using twurl?


Thanks @andypiper for the response.

I tried again based upon your suggestions:
The response that I get on using max_id is:

{"errors":[{"code":195,"message":"Missing or invalid url parameter."}]}

Is there any limitation with the query formation? I could not find anything related to this in the documentation.