Twitter Search API limits results when 'result_type' parameter is set to 'popular'


I’ve been trying to get Search API to return 100 results for my search query by setting the ‘count’ parameter to 100. When I set the ‘result_type’ to ‘recent’ or ‘mixed’, I get 100 tweets returned in the results. But when I change ‘result_type’ to ‘popular’, I get 15 (or less) tweet results.

This holds true even when I use trending topics in my search query, so I know that this is not because of the 7-day window for the Standard Search API results. I’ve also tried setting the ‘count’ parameter to 50 and 25, and I only get the correct number of results when ‘result_type’ is set to ‘recent’ or ‘mixed’.

Does anyone know why this keeps happening?


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