Twitter says my Twitter card is ready - but I can't see it working :(


I received an email last night saying that our Twitter card is ready, and in an excited frenzy clicked to see it, only to find that I couldn’t see the new cards :frowning:
When I go to the validator it says that the domain ( is not approved either. So I don’t know if I should submit again, or wait for something to update?

We had previously been accepted for summary cards, and when I view a tweet, I can still only see the summary card view instead of the new Product card view we applied for. Example search I am looking at is or a specific tweet is

All the right markup is on the site (like from the tweet above, the page on JG at so I’m not sure what to do next. Can anyone help please? Thanks!

ps - I <3 twitter, if that helps :slight_smile:


Works now. Thanks to whoever helped :smiley: