Twitter Sandbox doesn't return any result


I’m using the ruby API to make tweet searches.

This API is primarily to standard search API, but I can override the method and change the url. Thats what’ve done.

module Twitter::REST::Search
    def search(query, options = {})
        options = options.dup
        options[:maxResults] ||= MAX_TWEETS_PER_REQUEST
        request =, :get, '/1.1/tweets/search/30day/dev.json', options.merge(query: query))

When I make the request I get none result.
But when I make the request to the standard endpoint ‘/1.1/search/tweets.json’ it does return.

Can anyone help me?


The endpoint that you have in your code snippet will hit our premium Search API. You must have an approved developer account and set up your dev environment to make a request to this endpoint. Learn more here:


Hello LeBraat,

Thank you for your reply.

I’ll clarify some points.
I already have an approved developer account.
I followed the ‘Get Started’ guide.
Firstly, I made some tests using the standard API, but I’ve got some inconsistencies with the search results, so I wondered if using the Search Tweets: 30-days Sandbox would give me an idea of the results of the premium API (to see if it fit to my needs. i.e, search results consistency), so I set a dev environment to my APP and used the endpoint to make the request.
When I go to the dashboard, I see the ‘tests’ requests I made to the sandbox endpoint, so I guess its working, but the question is why it’s returning nothing?


That is likely due to your search query. Would you mind providing it here for us to investigate?

If it is just query: query, then you should try playing around with some other search queries.


Well, I was investigating here and I discovered that the Ruby API was not parsing right the result, so when I asked for the list of results it was empty.

Now I’m able to get the results correctly. It was not a Twitter API problem.

Thanks again for your time and replies.