Twitter Revoking Access to my App - Am I Breaking the Rules?


So I emailed Twitter after spending a few hours trying to find a contact form. This was on Friday last week and Monday this week. Obviously no replies!!!

So I’ll try and post on the forums again and see what happens.

Twitter has revoked access to my app for some users. We have put in place a lot of limitations to ensure we don’t aggressively follow (not that anyone knows what that means) and nothing on the app is automated. Every follow or unfollow is performed manually by the user.

So how do I find out why Twitter is seemingly randomly revoking access to the app without even answering my emails to explain why and what we’re doing wrong?


We’re not able to comment on individual and specific cases here on the forums for privacy reasons. If an app is suspended you should have received an email notification explaining why this occurred, and providing follow-on actions and a response mechanism. This would have been sent to the email address associated with the owner of the application account.

The other recourse is to use our Platform Support forms which direct through to the team that works on policy and application access.

That said, the below notes are high level thoughts on what might have gone on, but you’d need to check any email notification or contact the team via the forms to confirm whether any of these things apply.

Aggressive following might be indicated by large numbers of follow or unfollow requests being generated / an app repeatedly hitting those API endpoints within an unusually short period of time. We want to avoid scenarios where bulk follows or unfollows can occur, as these have been found to be signs of “spammy” apps.

Additionally, our Botmaker technology automatically watches for potential bad uses of the platform, and an app that (for example) repeatedly Tweets out similar phrases, suspicious URLs, or uses a lot of @mentions, might be temporarily muzzled while the issue is investigated.

I hope that helps a little!


The app hasn’t been suspended which is why I’m confused. Instead, it is being revoked for specific users. On one account, I used the app to unfollow barely 50 users this morning and was revoked. I hadn’t followed any users/Tweeted with @ mentions/favourited/retweeted all morning.

I’ve sent countless emails to the support forms above with 0 response.


Unfortunately I’m unable to tell whether those actions specifically would trigger our antispam system, but it does sound like that pattern of a large number of unfollows may be involved. I’m surprised if there’s no response at all or any notification from our team - it might be worth ensuring that your email address is up-to-date and that you’ve checked any junk or spam folders. Apologies for the lack of responsiveness.


Email is up-to-date, junk/spam checked etc. I’ve just sent another email off to Twitter with as much information as I can possibly put together.


Can anyone decipher this:


The token issues you’ve described result from patterns of aggressive following/unfollowing. If this issue is still happening please continue to lower your following/unfollowing behavior until it ceases.


Twitter Platform Operations "


Here is more information on aggressive following or follow churn:

On the API side, access tokens may be revoked and will require re-authentication when a certain threshold of follow churn is detected.

Will close this topic, since the article extensively answers how and why.