Twitter retweeting issues [Android]


Hello, Firstly, I did try to ask some one on twitter dev but no on replied.

Basically, With the new API 1.1, How are we meant to work with retweets?

Now, Say I have an application. I am able to retweet a status.

But how do I solve the following problems:

  1. Retweeting, When retweeting, the object return does not have a flag to whether this status has been retweeted, so how can we store the status we retweeted with some detail saying it has been retweeted?

  2. Un-retweet. When retweeting, youre given an object back that contains the retweeted status embedded and so you have the Id of the retweeted status, and so you can simply call the destroy method to remove it.
    But what if you retweet something on your browser, and when viewing your feed, decide to unretweet it? How do you unretweet a retweet that you have no reference too? The getRetweetedByMe isn’t available any more?

  3. How exactly are we supposed to keep within the rate limit, considering right now Im having to get the home time line to get access to retweeted objects etc, which means my get home time line rate limit is decrementing.


Can I ever get a reply here? I feel like no one on here cares for community support…