Twitter REST Connector Error




I am trying to connect QlikView-Twitter using REST APT connector.
I have generated GET request using 1.1 API.
It is working fine on twitter API consol but giving me an error when I am pasting the same URL on browser. Screenshots are attached for reference.
I can really use some help here.



You cannot use the API directly from a browser address bar in this manner, as it does not build the OAuth headers that you require - that’s what the difference is here between the API console tool and the basic browser.

I’m not familiar with QlikView-Twitter so I’m not too sure what you need there.


Hey @andypiper!

Thanks a lot for sharing your comments. Now it makes sense to me.

Regarding QlikView - Twitter connector, there is a native REST API connector available for fetching data directly from Twitter, however I am not able to connect to Twitter using REST APT connector (screenshot attached).
Also, I am referring to this video.


Again, I am not familiar with Qlikview so I cannot advise specifically. However, I see at least two problems with that video - you should never provide your Twitter username and password to an app like that (it will not help with authentication for the API), plus the call it is set up to make is not correct since you only need screen_name or user_id, not both. Also if you look at the video, it has you pasting the whole OAuth header into the Authorization field (not across two fields as you’ve done here).