Twitter REST API 1.1 returns errors 'Array ([errors]=>Array([0]=>Array([message]=>Internal error[code]=>131)))' during uploading image with 'POST 1.1/statuses/update_with_media'



When I send this request to twitter API it showing me to an error of ''Array ([errors]=>Array([0]=>Array([message]=>Internal error[code]=>131)))'
The requested parameter is below:

[method] => POST
[header] => Array
[Content-Type] => multipart/form-data
[Authorization] => OAuth oauth_version=“1.0”,oauth_signature_method=“HMAC-SHA1”,oauth_token=“443475070-mMw2ypZ1lQEvxauyQpcCJppvuF6nkCIJXcJE3qZ0”,oauth_consumer_key=“PAu4LlcETSJGTXzieJ0yeA”,oauth_nonce=“63edd72bed1f886524153c7062a728fc”,

[uri] => Array
        [host] =>
        [path] => 1.1/statuses/update_with_media.json
        [query] => Array


[auth] => Array
        [method] => OAuth
        [oauth_token] => 443475070-mMw2ypZ1lQEvxauyQpcCJppvuF6nkCIJXcJE3qZ0
        [oauth_token_secret] => Q5bcZv3EkAPfrznXhCq3uICksPFmdHGJ5wwbfsWTE4Q
        [oauth_consumer_key] => XXX
        [oauth_consumer_secret] => XXXXXX

[body] => Array
        [status] => test
        [media[]] => @/tmp/phpAORxWd


Please help me out to find the error behind the script.



Hi, even i am experiencing the same problem. Whenever I try to use “” it gives an internal error code 131.Did u manage to get a solution to this??


Same error for error for me when I’m trying to upload an image from a Mac app. Did you find a solution for this?