Twitter Reset Problems


Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

We have run the twitter account @Valencia for the last 8 years. We noticed that account had reset back to original settings of 2008. and our @Valecia account had changed over to @Valenciaswaps we have never owned this account looks like hacker has used this.

We have tried seeveral times to get this fixed hitting head on brick wall as we are being asked for email accouint for @Valencia but since its reset self back to 2008 settings. its not our email address we have been using on it for last 8 years. any help would be great as we have put lot work into building @Valencia account out.


Please use for queries like this. This forum exists to help developers with API questions.

We cannot offer any assistance with issues related to accounts (suspension, verification, usernames etc), or usage of the website, analytics or ads dashboards, and the iOS and Android mobile apps in this forum


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