Twitter removes locked acounts. Which twitter featues are affected?


I read about why twitter removes locked accounts. This affects followers count.
As twitter removes locked accounts, the count of these accounts is subtracted from followers counts and users see the sudden drop in followers counts. If I am following the removed accounts then will it be automatically removed from the list of people I am following(or should I manually unfollow them)? These removed users have liked my tweets, so after removing locked accounts will it decrease my tweet likes? How exactly " Twitter is removing locked accounts" affects the users following, followers list, likes, retweets etc?


What is your question here as it relates to the developer platform and API?


Twitter’s elimination of “locked” user accounts from public follower counts has resulted in a decline for many users — including millions lost for the biggest celebs on the platform.So my question is if the user is following those removed, locked accounts, Does it decrease following count value?
Ex: - The user has 998k followers and 888k following count.Twitter removed, locked/suspected 2K accounts, so user new followers count will be 996k, but users following count includes 1k (locked/suspected accounts) accounts which are removed by twitter, so will it changes following count to 887k??


That is exactly what this means yes. The API should reflect the value at the time of the API call to retrieve the user object.


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