Twitter "Read, Write and Direct Messages" access permission


Due to twitter, “Read, Write and Direct Messages” had been changed.

I found out that by the end of June 30.

As I didn’t edit permission upgrade for my app, what can I do how to rescue my app to access DM,etc?

It is impossible for me to make all my thousands of app user to grant access to the app again.

Any suggestion or any ways round?





I updated my settings in order to complete the installation of WP to Twitter. I copy and past the twitter consumer key and consumer secret. And, I copy and paste access token and access token secret. I guess I did everything and still my WP is not connected to Twitter. Could someone help?


How do I confirm my access token is READ AND WRITE and not just READ. Help would be hugely appreciated as I’m trying to download WP to twitter on my WordPress site. Many thanks.


go to … MyApplications —> Settings —> Application type
… set Access to “Read and Write” … klick “Update” Button

maybe you need to … Reset application’s keys … and use the “new” keys in WP to twitter


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