Twitter Rate Limit Different From Documentation // App Registration limits



Recently I’ve worked with Twitter APIs and I came across a couple of misunderstandings.

First of all, API Documentations stands that there is a limit of 15 requests per 15 min windows (for /followers/list endpoint). But I’ve discovered that the limit is 30 requests, why there is such a difference between docs and my test results?

Secondly, despite the limit being 15 or 30, it appears that my use case requires at least 60 requests. Is there an option to register more than one app and use them alternately? Ultimately I would like to use 4+ applications. Is it ok for you? What is the upper limit of registered applications?

Thanks in advance,


Multiple applications are not allowed.

You should use a combination of followers/ids to get ids of users (5000 per call), and users/lookup (get details for 100 user ids per call) to get the equivalent of followers/list (only capable of looking up 200 users per call) That combination gives you significantly more, so you don’t need multiple apps.

For rate limits, i’d trust the HTTP Headers most - docs may be outdated.