Twitter publish widget does not render timeline



I attempted to create a widget to embed a timeline but only get a hyperlink to the feed. Watched a few how-to videos to make sure I was doing it correctly and they all follow the same steps I did, but theirs result in timelines to embed. Anyone have any ideas why this won’t work for me?


There are usually a few reasons why this might happen:

  • your CMS, site or template may either be stripping out Javascript or using a version of jQuery that clashes with the one that Twitter’s widgets.js uses
  • you can try adding https: to the front of the reference to // in the embed code to ensure that the script is loaded correctly
  • a browser plugin e.g. an ad blocker may be blocking Javascript from loading
  • your browser may be too old (e.g. an older version of Internet Explorer) to support Twitter’s embedded timelines.


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