Twitter Profile Widget not showing in Dreamweaver



I have added the twitter profile widget to my site using Dreamweaver and uploaded to live site

The widget works in the live site, but in Dreamweaver it does not show when I preview the site. Why is this and how can I fix it?




We’ll resolve this issue within the coming weeks. The reason it won’t load on Dreamweaver is it assumes that you’re running the widget on a web server and is trying to determine the HTTP or HTTPS protocol of the page, when you’re using file://


is there a sollution to this yet? I am having the same issue.


Not having a copy of Dreamweaver to hand I can’t be entirely sure of its present capabilities, but our timeline widget gets invoked using JavaScript, and within the Dreamweaver editing environment script won’t be executed. Therefore you’ll just see the placeholder link until you load the page for real.

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