Twitter Profile Widget doesn't work


None of the profile widgets we’re using across our website are showing any tweets. To investigate, I visited to see if there’s any updated code that I should grab - And unfortunately, even this demo page doesn’t seem to work. Firebug shows the following 400 error:



TWTR.Widget.receiveCallback_1({“error”:“Rate limit exceeded. Clients may not make more than 150 requests per hour.”,“request”:"/1/statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=prafulla&callback=TWTR.Widget.receiveCallback_1&include_rts=true&count=4&clientsource=TWITTERINC_WIDGET&1320823071222=cachebust"})

Is this just me - or anyone else facing this issue ?


It is just you and the individuals sharing your public IP address. So if you’re in an office where several people all share one IP, then it’s likely that you’ve exhausted your quota for the hour. The widgets should continue loading once the quota rolls over again, and this issue won’t be a problem for external visitors (assuming they are not over quota for the API).


I work for Washigton State Emergency Management and we want to follow several other government agencies during a disaster. I have been testing and run into the above problem of getting no information. I am assuming it is the rate limit also. Is there a way around this or some kind of waiver?


For critical monitoring I’d strongly suggest moving off of widgets and building your own dashboard which sends authenticated requests on behalf of a user account (even a dedicated account). The rate limit in that case would be 350 requests / hour / account.


This feature is not working for me either. I’ve been using it for years without a hitch, and the other day I noticed the same tweet repeating many many times again and again. Today I went to check for updated code, and not only is the code given by twitter different, it doesn’t work AT ALL. Nothing, no tweets, not a single thing either in the “test mode” nor on my blog.

Anyone have any idea why this is?


Probably the same issue with a rate limited IP. Does it work from a different connection to the internet?


It just gets old… I have the same problem with my site and I’ve tried viewing it from several different IPs… as in… completely different locations. The box loads, but no tweets.

I wish Twitter would acknowledge that this is a faulty widget and fix it, instead of trying to “brainwash” the community with all this IP bullshit.


This IP thing just gets old… I have the exact same problem. Tweet box loads, but no tweets in it.

I’ve checked it from several different IPs… as in seperate locations no where near each other and the result is the same.

I wish Twitter would respect and accept that their widget, which could be really fine, is buggy and should be corrected.


Which widget are you using? There are other reasons no tweets could display – for instance, if you’re using a search widget and have a query that has no matches within the last few days (the search index doesn’t go back very far).

We’re not trying to brainwash anyone about IP addresses and rate limits – the vast majority of issues developers have with the widgets are perspectival issues from the originating IP addresses having made too many unauthenticated API requests, whether through widgets, unauthenticated use of Twitter, Twitter clients, or otherwise.


How many times can the same IP refresh to max out the quota? I’m having the same issue and I think my problem is that my website has links to sales pages that once read, lead the consumer back to the home page, where the widget lives. So every time they visit a sales page, then go back to the home page, the widget refreshes. How many time can they do this>


150 public requests are allowed per IP address per hour – also note that leaving a browser open on a page with a widget will cause it to occasionally poll for new results, further decrementing the count.


Ok, that’s what’s going on then. 150 seems really high though. I do leave it open but still. 150’s a high amount considering i’m the only one on my ip address.


Please help…again hundreds of mails coming with …INVALID ADDRESS@SYNTAX ERROR…What is this anyway???


The widget sucks … plain and simple … First, who’s IP are you basing the limits on? The website visitor or the server the site is hosted on? If it is the visitor, I can’t think of ANY website where I’ve reloaded a page more than the 150 times per hour limit, no matter what the website has on it … this leads me to believe you are using the server IP as your way of figuring the number of loads, wrong way to do this for popular sites, such as artists and actors … Second, your script conflicts with a couple jquery scripts I run, which tells me you haven’t fully tested it with jquery in ALL apsects, another mistake since jquery is fast becoming a standard due to it’s capabilities … the widget kills the page load about half way through loading and then displays ONLY the widget, even though page source shows the actual page code, and even then, the widget is incomplete, lacking any appearance settings aside from color … It’s not difficult to display the feed on any webpage, just as it is shown on a users profile page … change your scripting and your API, fix the bugs, then it can become a very user friendly system where someone can share the latest few tweets they make on their website without problems, however many visitors they have won’t crash their widget updates, IP limits make no sense in this case … You can always bring back the RSS feed ablity, MUCH more reliable than your current system…


I take it the count comes from the communication from my web server to your server. Is that right?

Does this mean that I can have a maximum of 150 users per hour, and then after that the widget will stop displaying?



I need to create and review a widget for a site that does not have a domain name yet. Is there any way to use the site’s IP Address to do this?


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