Twitter profile visitors, an application claims it's possible to detect them


One Twitter application claims that it can show profile visitors.
And shows visitor names. Does it possible ?

There is a website:
It says that, it shows the people who visited your profile.
When signined, it gives a user list with their visit times.
(you can see list in picture below)

From profile page you can see that it has 252k followers, so it is used by too much people:

Does it possible one application to show profile visitors ?
Is there a hidden command in REST API ?


Why I wrote this here, rather than reporting with a ticket ?
I did. I reported this issue 2 times.
But both of them returned with the same reply.
Reply says that, revoke tokens if you don’t trust.
After that I checked the site. Its signin process was working as before.

So I didn’t get a convincing reply from support team, I write here to notice this issue.
Thank you.

Reply was like this:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We work to maintain a safe and healthy platform for our users and our team will look into this case and follow up as needed. 

If you believe your account has been compromised, please review this help article. If suspicious and unauthorized activity is occurring on your account, please revoke access to all applications and re-authorize only those that are known and trusted.

If in the future you encounter other suspicious applications, please don't hesitate to contact us again.


Thanks for reporting suspicious apps, @eksigundem, and apologies for the vague response. For privacy reasons, we cannot discuss about applications registered to another account on this forum, but rest assured we are taking the appropriate action. Please continue to report apps that you feel may be violating Twitter’s policies. Much appreciated!


Thank you for info @aaronhoff .
After your last message I checked and I saw that application is suspended.

It was in that state for 4 days. Now I tried to sign in again.
I saw that this website ( ) created new consumer tokens,
with the new application name Who-Zi.
Previous name was WhoZii.
I checked website and I can say that the same problem (claiming that they can show profile visitors) still exists.

I know that it’s wise to send an additional support ticket for this.
But to emphasize following words I wanted to record here that, spammer application created a new application with the same behaviour.

While the previous disciplinary action is still in place, please do not attempt to register a new API key for your application without authorization from Twitter. Such an action is a violation of our API Terms of Service and may result in the permanent suspension of your application (as well as any associated developer accounts).