Twitter profile feed showing URLS instead of my own


When I stream My twitter profile to my wedsite, the description in the profile has my website on it but when it apprears on my website my domain turns into… How do I fix this?


Hi Tea - are you able to provide an example link to a page where you’re seeing this issue? Are you using our official embedded timeline widgets?


The twitter tab on the author box

No… unfortunately not official widget


Ah, thanks, that makes it more clear.

I can see what is happening, and unfortunately I think you’ll need to ask the author(s) of the “Fanciest Author Box” plugin to make changes to get what you want. Technically, they should be pulling your user data from our users/show endpoint, and then replacing our short URLs with the URL entities listed inside the JSON object for display.

Unfortunately I cannot find the full source code for the plugin anywhere, I guess because it is commercial in some way, so I can’t suggest a direct fix myself.

The weird thing is that on the plugin’s homepage there is an example of the widget showing a Twitter profile with correct links in the bio, so it is possible that they have fixed this in a newer version, I don’t know what you are running.

Sorry not to be more helpful but this isn’t code we wrote so I’m not sure what else to suggest!

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