Twitter Product Cards Validator - "Invalid image. This image cannot be fetched"



I am trying to try/validate a Twitter Product card before adding the meta tags to the webpage. The validator is throwing the error “Invalid image. This image cannot be fetched” for the twitter:img:src tag even though the image URL is correct.

While the image is accessible at the following URL, the validator throws the error that “Invalid image. This image cannot be fetched”

Is there something that I am missing?



Hi there - we did some testing on this, and it appears that your robots.txt file is preventing us from crawling for the image. I’d recommend taking a look at allowing Twitterbot to fetch the image by following the instructions we’ve outlined here:


I’ve having the same problem validating

Our robots.txt on the image’s server is

User-agent: Twitterbot

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

Any help?


@cameoapp i’m not an official twitter guy but it might be because that url redirects to to the actual image source.




Hi! Following your advice, I update robot.txt:

this is the test image:

robots.txt was updated 2 days ago, but problem still exists “Invalid image. This image cannot be fetched”. Have you any other suggestions? Thanks!


Redirects are a pretty critical part of our infrastructure. The weird thing is that the validator works for some of our pages on some of our environments, and used to work for all of them.


anyone know why image meta tag wont work in the validator here;

it keeps saying: Invalid image. This image cannot be fetched

the image url actually a redirect, is that a problem ?