Twitter problem fetching my website page on card validator


I get that message no matter what i do to solve the problem it doesn’t work,
can u please tell me what is the exact issue?
I know it’s about Reading DNS trouble… but help!!
my website is:
can u pass it for a manual check or sth? and if it’s possible how much time would it take?
PS: meta card code have been added to my head on my website’s home page.


isn’t there suppose to be a “Request Approval” button somewhere on that page after i finally passed the test?
what do i have to do more ??!


Nothing. Your card will work fine. It says on the left that your card is whitelisted.


but i still have to complete the process… there supposed to be a button to do that
"Request Approval" that’s what I’v been told.
and it still not working on my account.


You have been misinformed.

What is not working? I Tweeted the exact link you have in the validator, and a card shows up in the final Tweet.


but it doesn’t work when I use a topic link such like that:
when i try to post that on twitter it doesn’t give me any cards…


I keep checking the same link in the picture in the validator, and it gives me that message:
"ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the fetcher cannot resolve the address."
and sometimes it’s ok, and it passes the validation with no problems!
but again, it’s only working on that link, not on any of my WP topics.


Looks like you have a network issue with your configuration. This may help you to understand some of the inconsistencies ->


I’ll contact my host provider to help solving the problem, thanks for helping Andy.
can I ask u about getting my account verified by twitter?
is my account @eyeofeastern eligible to be verified?
because am about to ask for it using support tickets, can u help me with that?


No, we cannot help with anything related to accounts or verification here. This is an API and developer platform forum. You should use the support site. Thank you.


thanks again Andy. Best wishes. :heart:


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