Twitter Premium Search API Beta Access


I’m waiting for an update on our access to the Twitter Premium Search API.

We have a specific feature set we’d like to build out for our clients to have easy access to historical data. Our request was submitted under our @PerfectPost account. Thanks!


We are currently in the process of evaluating all applications and will let users know if/when they are approved. We have capacity constraints during the Beta and apologize that not everyone may be granted access at this time. We will let you know via email on your application as soon as we have reviewed your application. We’re currently unable to provide an estimate for approval times.


@rkischuk, I never received a notification of approval, but I just happened to visit the dashboard URL one day and see that I had the 30-Days listed. It could be worth a look.


Thanks @happycamper and @lxcichano - I’ve looked and we’re still waitlisted.

We have one developer account that we use for apps for 3 different products, and we’re being asked to consolidate those to a single app before we can get access.

I’m trying to see if we can move 2 of the apps to the accounts they belong to, or merge the apps so users don’t lose their authentication, but it’s unclear if that’s an option.


Please check: for help migrating apps.

The @PerfectPost account has access.

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