Twitter, please unsuspend my account @darriceclaire. I REALLY NEED MY ACCOUNT BACK!


Dear Twitter, please unsuspend my account @darriceclaire. I’ve been suspended for 1 day now. I know all the rules and I don’t remember breaking any of them. If it is because I made multiple accounts, I’m really sorry. It was just because my old account was hacked I guess… that’s why I created a new one. Please, I really need my Twitter back. Please unsuspend me already, so I be able to talk to my classmates again. I’m a good person, I don’t harm, I don’t threat people, I don’t remember posting something that is illegal or anything that can break any of the rules… I can prove that to you. I hope you give me another chance. I’m apologizing from the bottom my heart. Please do notice. Please unsuspend my account @darriceclaire already. I really really need my Twitter account back. Please. Thank you and sorry.


Thank you so much for unsuspending my account! You don’t know how it means a lot to me. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! <3


Wow you are so lucky, I’ve been suspended for 16 days and no reply yet.