Twitter Player Video Card - Flash/HLS playback



Hi there,

In reference to a previous discussion:

We’re using a flash player with HLS playback support and recently all of our video player cards seem to fail to load our CDN delivered m3u8 url. The player loads fine, but the actual video data seems to be blocked. In the other discussion @jbulava mentioned that cards after August 2015 are unable to use flash players however as far as I know we were validated in June 2015, so would the restriction be able to be lifted?

Can anyone help or advise on this?



Firstly, I’d definitely encourage that you move to HTML 5 playback as soon as you can, since Flash is now deprecated by Adobe.

If you’re able to share an example URL with a failing card example, we will see what we can do.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for the speedy reply, we are currently looking into a couple of HTML5 based solutions, although at the moment we still need flash to be able to distribute our HLS content to as many browsers and devices as possible.

Here is a player card currently showing the issue:

Many thanks


Glad to hear you’re working on an HTML5 player. I have passed this example to the team to investigate. I’m noticed a few things that may or may not be the reason for your Card not working with Flash in the meantime. (1) the redirect for the URL, (2) content being served from, and (3) record of the card being resubmitted by @dev_flux_uk and rejected just hours after submitted and approved for @FluxBroadcast’s submission.

We’ll update when we know more. Thanks.


Hi @jbulava,

Our twitter player cards were working until recently, and I’ve noticed that our iframe has now got the sandbox attribute added to it which might be blocking the content being pulled from our secure cdn url. Is this now a permanent addition for all player cards or is it just for those approved after August 2015?