Twitter:player failed




We made all necessary changes to our Twitter cards to comply with all Cards rules.

Still, when our users share links to, a video content cannot be displayed in the feed. We receive lots of complaints on the matter, so we’ll be thankful for your help.

Here are examples of tweets posted by our users with links customized via our app:

Please restore access to twitter:player for our links.

Kind regards,
Linkis team


Are you using the Vine oEmbed API to retrieve the Vine information?

Tweets with links to Vine URLs should show in the timeline directly. I don’t believe other sources are supported.


We use an iframe to display vine videos on our webpages saving all metatags of original pages.


Validating that page results in a redirect and a timeout error. Looks like the Cards crawler cannot reach your site for some reason.


We have researched the timeout error and found that this error is reproduced only for domain, while the other domain of ours doesn’t receive that error.

We tested both domains with links that refer to the same file on the same server: - processed by Crawler correctly - processed by Crawler with a timeout error.

When testing we found that the request from the validator does not reach our servers at all. No data on it was detected neither in access-log of a web server, nor in a tcpdump.

What are the possible reasons of this?

Now TwitterBot visited a large number of pages on our domain (about 1500 per minute). And each request from the bot is processed very quickly (about 1 second from the moment a tweet was posted on Could it be that this number of visits from the bot is the reason of a timeout error?


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