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My video isn’t playing properly in the Player Card and I can’t figure out why. (Where the video should be playing, I see a white space)

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The URL specified points to a full website, not a page that fits in an IFRAME. The value for twitter:player needs to be a simplified web page with only the player on it. Having a full website will show only part of your site in the Player Card IFRAME.

This has been done - albeit after whitelisting.

The dimensions of the Player Card aren’t specified. Be sure to include the twitter:player:height and twitter:player:width tags with your Card tag.

This has been done.

The video format is not supported.

The video is mp4 - a supported format.

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I’m now looking at the possibility that this relates X-Frame-Options being set to sameorigin on our side. Will post an updates as I go, in case others who are new to this like me, find it useful.

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