Twitter Player Card used to be able to Pin and Auto Expand but not anymore


I used to be able to pin to profile a working twitter player card and be able to on refresh of the page have the video playing on my profile page, but for some reason it no longer auto expands, has this feature been deprecated?

This is taken directly from

“When viewing a tweet with a Player Card on a desktop, the URL you specify via twitter:player will be rendered in an iframe in the timeline upon expand of the Tweet. (It will be shown automatically when the Tweet is pinned open on a user’s profile, or viewed on a Tweet permalink page.)”


This is a good question, and I was not aware of the change in behaviour, but I have just confirmed it myself. I suspect this is related to the recent change in sandboxing behaviour for Player cards. I’ll check with the team.


Any luck on this Andy?


Haven’t had a chance to investigate over the weekend. As I said, I can confirm that this does appear to have changed, but I can’t say when the docs will be updated or if this is an intentional long-term update.


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