Twitter player card post issue from iOS



Hi, i got a huge problem with the player card. My domain is whitelisted and the validator returns no errors. But when i post a video link from ios (native ios) to twitter, its shows the link but not embed the player (sometimes it works). Theres no “view media” link. From Android (Twitter FABRIC SDK) its working without problems. Today i also add the robots.txt but it didnt help.

The really strange thing is: The first post is not working but when i post the same link with a character more (so no duplicate post), this post works and then also the first one which had been broken works also.

Another case: I post a video and its not working. I take the url, check it with the card validator, go back to timeline, refresh and the video works (embedded correctly, plays from timeline directly)!

And when i post a link (which was not working from ios app) directly over web to the timeline, it works.

Here is a typical link which i use:

I use php to build up the og/twitter tag page.

Please help me, i cant figure out whats wrong. And i tried a lot during the last days.


OK, it was my fault. Take care from which account you create a player card. The auth keys must be created from the same account.