Twitter Player Card NOT Approved WHY?



I’m confused

The download ZIP File (cards-player-samples-master) does not contain an index.html file as mentioned on the instructions.

So I assumed the page.html (in the player folder) was the same file.

Although this page makes reference to the container.html file as the “twitter:player” the HTML Code on page.html does not appear to be designed to play it.

I edited the code on container.html to be fully responsive so that the video resizes itself for both landscape and portrait and different screen sizes and as per the testing instructions tested on all devices.

As the video is 16 X 9 format 1280 x 720 it will fill the screen on horizontal orientation but after auto-resizing will not fill the whole screen on portrait which is how a responsive video frame should work to keep the video in its correct 16:9 ratio.

Here are the links to my files, all of which are on a secure connection. (the renamed page.html file) (the video placeholder image) (the video asset)

It validates perfectly on Card Validation and it plays perfectly when I use as instructed in the testing instructions. (The twitter:player url)

The email from Twitter says

“The URL you provided for to use the player card did not validate”

Any help to resolve this issue would be much appreciated.

You can easily see the page source on both HTML files.



The URL I gave Twitter was which loads the file which contains all of the META Data


Please note uses a CNAME record to point to a CDN Folder that does not operate on HTTPS. We use the domain successfully on Twitter for our App Cards. on the other hands has an A Records that points to our Servers usings HTTPS.

Therefore a request for is secure and works DOES NOT WORK

I don’t know if this is what is causing the problem as we requested the URL

Thank you for your help in this matter