Twitter Photo-Tagging Feature API Support



Is there any API support for the Photo-Tagging Feature. I’m using “media/upload” API in my application and I would like to use the photo tagging feature when uploading an image and to tag the people.

I found this post

but it’s too old post and I would like to know if this feature is available now or not?


No, this is not supported in the API at the present time.


Hi, has this been updated?

Can someone confirm that we cannot tag people in Photo’s using any API?



That is correct, you cannot tag users in media via the API. You can keep an eye on our recently-published roadmap, but you’ll see that this is not something that is currently prioritised for attention as we build out other features.



It’s something that our clients request frequently and give us parity to native features. Is this something available through any commercial GNIP APIs?


Understand the request! No, it is not available via any API features I’m afraid.

When we consider providing APIs of this kind, we need to look very closely at potential abuse vectors as well as a range of other options (i.e. there’s both a create tags path, and then the need to expose additional metadata in the Tweet objects, for example), so this isn’t something that we’ve yet been able to prioritise.

Thanks for your understanding, and apologies to not be able to resolve this for you at this time.


Thanks for your quick replies!


You’re welcome. I’m keen to make sure we’re as transparent as we can be about our plans here. If you have feedback on the roadmap, there’s a separate category for that here, and I’ll make sure our product and engineering managers pay attention to it. That does not mean we’ll be able to do everything requested as there’s a lot to work on, but we want to ensure we understand the potential use cases for new APIs.


I’m using the new extended_tweet mode with auto_populate_reply_metadata and exclude_reply_user_ids params to manage who gets replied to in comments sent from my platform. I’m finding that the auto_populate_reply_metadata incorporates @mentions of people tagged in photos, but I haven’t been able to find a way to access the list of people tagged in these photos. Is this something that is available? I don’t need to tag additional people, I just want to be able to exclude those who are getting added automatically.


No that is not possible and there are not plans to make this available at the moment - do appreciate the slight confusion that it causes using the new reply functionality. Unsure when this might be added.


Understood. Thanks for getting back so quickly.


Any update in photo tagging feature support in api?


This is not on the roadmap at this time.


I’d love to see support for this. At we like to tag our creators when we post their project and I can’t use our normal social media tools like Buffer or our own apps to do this without the API support.


Totally understand the desire here. We need to balance between opening up the API, and handling inappropriate or spammy uses of an endpoint like this (as I mentioned on this thread nearly 2 years ago). With the new developer portal and approval projects there are some additional improvements in place to help to gate these, but at this stage we do not have anything to share regarding (re)prioritisation. Thanks.