Twitter Photo Cards Approved - Not Posting Inline With Posts - HELP!


We have implemented Twitter Photo Cards and through the validator we can see the photo cards are coming up correctly and has been approved.

However, the photo card is not posting in line with posts and in some cases it does not display an image at all. We post on Twitter and use short links for the most part.

Post where photo card come through in validator but not inline in actual Twitter post:

This Twitter Post you can see the photo card only when you click into the Tweet - it does not post the photo card inline within the main stream:

Any ideas on how we can fix this?


Also - this post DID reveal the photo card inline:


Hi COED, Twitter cards are not automatically expanded in timelines. The content can be viewed by clicking the “view photo” link in a timeline or going directly to the status URL. If you’d like to include a pre-expanded image, you can attach a photo to the tweet when posting.