Twitter photo card does not display photo



I am 99% certain that this used to work when my domain got approved for twitter cards many months ago ( Right now, twitter does not display the photo card for tweets that contain links such as this one: .
Example tweet:

I checked this again with the validator which indeed does not display the picture but says everything is fine, especially for the twitter:image:src meta tag. The top left bullet is red though but I have no idea what this means. Screenshot of the validator below:

I tried to add a .png extension to the picture tag, added a robots.txt file (there was none) but I could not see any change in the output of the validator.

Help of any kind would be most appreciated !



I debugged this further: the twitter servers require the image server to provide an ETags HTTP header. This is not really documented anywhere so it might make sense to extend the existing card documentation.


Thanks for this. We also have caching issues occasionally, so it delays a bit to show the image.

In looking at your tweet, the image now appears. Let us know if we can be of further assistance!


Yes, the urls work fine since I added the ETags header.

Thanks for your kind answer !


Do you have the code for the ETags? The tweets I am calling dynamically on my website are only showing the top third of the tweet (image). It’s very annoying.