Twitter Photo Card and CDN images



I’m setting up Twitter Photo Cards for my gallery at

Even though I have just submitted my twitter card application a few days ago (and I know approval will take time), I want to ask something to make sure that I’m on the right track.

I applied with “” as the domain name, but I’m using a CDN so all my pictures have the link “

The twitter:image property in my meta tag (on single post view) also points to the aforementioned CDN link. Should I be concerned about this? will twitter check whether the image is hosted within the approved domain name?

Thank you.


I’m pretty sure CDN images are ok, as WPBeginner’s Twitter cards seem to be working fine and they use a CDN for their images.

However, I did disable my CDN last night trying to get the cards to work. I’ve since figured out that it was my robots.txt file preventing the cards from working, but I’m going to leave it disabled until I get this sorted out.


Ah yes, the twitter cards shows up fine with CDN images. I just tested using the preview tool at: I didn’t know that this tool existed before.

Anyway thanks for the heads up!


Your images can be hosted anywhere, as long as we can fetch them with our crawler. See for more details.


image yeesss with the help of a friend mister yyeeesss.


Hello There,
I have been accepted to use twitter cards tool and I have question here, when someone click on the photo it didn’t redirect him to the link page but when he click on the short content below the photo it was working fine and redirect him to the link page, so can my card work like this (when someone click on the photo it will also redirect him to the link page?)

Thank you


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Our image is not been shown in our tweets

can you help us please