twitteR Package 1.1.6 geocode error


i want to search tweets in Singapore by using r programming and the geocode is not working
tweet <- searchTwitter(‘lol’, cainfo=‘cacert.pem’,n=200,geocode=‘1.352083, 103.819836,20km’,lang=‘EN’)
Error in searchTwitter(“lol”, cainfo = “cacert.pem”, n = 200, geocode = “1.352083, 103.819836,20km”, :
Latitude need to be in range [90.0,-90.0].

then i realized the lat,long position has been switched, so i do this
tweet <- searchTwitter(‘lol’, cainfo=‘cacert.pem’,n=200,geocode=‘103.819836,1.352083, 20km’,lang=‘EN’)
but still it shows 0 results:
Warning message:
In doRppAPICall(“search/tweets”, n, params = params, retryOnRateLimit = retryOnRateLimit, :
200 tweets were requested but the API can only return 0

So i wonder why the geo code in r programming is not working?


Can someone please address the above query?


Same problem with me.
I wonder why?
Please help.


kp.muhara citeureup-bogor




solved? i have the same problem