Twitter oauth works only in localhost


I am updating my Twitter status wthout problems in localhost using Xammp, but The same code is not working online. Am I missing any protocol or something else?

define(’_CONSUMER_KEY’,‘key’); // consumer key
define(’_CONSUMER_SECRET’,‘secret’); // consumer secret
define(’_OAUTH_TOKEN’,‘token’); // access token
define(’_OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET’,‘token secret’); // access token secret

function getConnectionWithAccessToken() {
return $connection;
// connection
$connection = getConnectionWithAccessToken();
//Publish the message
$msg = “message Twitterusing OAuth.”;
$twitter= $connection->post(‘statuses/update’, array(‘status’ => $msg) );
echo $msg ;


Can you expand on the way in which it doesn’t work? Error message?


The only thing I can tell you is that there is no request, so any respose: Connection close (firebug)

but is the same code


Not something like not having cURL installed? Got full PHP error reporting turned on? Would have thought there’d be some sort of error message, be it an API/twitteroauth/PHP error.


Hi Matt. Thanks for your help. I have cURL installed. I can´t see any sort of error message, only appears the page in blank


Any solutions found? (I have the same issue)