Twitter Oauth Flow (authorize) not completing until 2nd attempt? Any ideas?


Some users of my app are reporting that upon entering their credentials at (we are also using force login), the authentication flow is quickly interrupted and redirects back to our application without completing the actual authorization. Upon a second attempt, it works as intended.

This only seems to happen for a specific subset of users. Upon further investigation, removing the “www” from the callback URL seemed to solve the problem for some users, but mysteriously it triggered the problem for a new subset of users who weren’t having any issues before.

Anyone have issues with a callback url containing “www”? Or anyone consistently having to authorize the twitter application two times upon a new browser session? Any subsequent attempts to login after the first attempt work perfectly, its odd that the first attempt consistently fails for some of our users.




I have exactly the same problem!

I have implemented mobile app (using PhoneGap) which uses javascript OAuth 1.0 library (jsOAuth) to do the authorization.
I thought that maybe there is a bug in library or in the webview which I’m using, that’s why I have tested on server side also using Spring Social Twitter.

So, I am getting same behavior on server & client using completely different clients.

In my application settings “Callback URL” is set (also it is valid URL, not localhost).

Also “Invalid server time” issue (mentioned in some posts) is not a problem.

Any ideas?


It seems that it’s not working for users which are “new” or not verified their email address. I’m not sure where is the problem …