Twitter OAuth Authenticate page/form not working


I request and receive a request token successfully, and redirect the user to successfully. However, when they get there, if they sign in (or already signed in), clicking the “Sign In” button submits a form which - while it appears to successfully sign the user into twitter - does not seem to authorize the app or redirect the user back to it. It just places the user back on the same page (without the request token), asking them to sign in again.


additionally, no error messages of any kind are displayed - it looks like it’s just effectively ignoring the fact that the user has signed in and authorized the app.


the app is also set to allow twitter signin according to its settings.



I’m having the same issue. Were you able to resolve it?


Same thing is happening to me… though yesterday my app was redirecting fine. Not sure what’s happening.


Figured it out, if you have Read, write and direct message selected for some reason the callback does not trigger.


What did you have to change it to?


Anybody found a solution for this problem?