Twitter oauth after connect GET Primary email address


im developing website for the poem writers,i have created g+ login fb login, for each login if it is new user,i create new account in my db for new users…and for the old users,i validate thought email and give the permission…

my question is,
when i create twitter login…it successfully redirecting to my web site…But not returning EMAIL…i need email address to verify user…is there any why to get email or Validate email

language - PHP


Email addresses are not provided.



Fail Twitter :wink: You lost many web devs.


Stupid arguments. As if you don’t send a mail for every small things that happen on twitter.


You’re so embarrassing yourself, Twitter dev team!


Yep this sucks big time, removing my twitter integration now…

You dont even provide a reason for this…


just lolz


After wasting time implementing twitter sign in, now I am removing it. Without email address, its useless.
You should put in your API Doc in bold letters that you don’t provide email address.
It should be the first sentence in your doc.


Just integrated twitter, but same problem it does not return email, so I am dropping support for twitter also. Leaving Google and Facebook options only so far.


For what it’s worth, the normal procedure I see is for apps to automatically (upon asking, naturally) have users follow a Twitter account for the app. That way, if you wish to communicate with the users in general, you can just post an update to the twitter account or, if you need to communicate specifically, you can DM them. That would trigger an email on the back end of Twitter.

I wouldn’t expect Twitter to ever trade-off the user’s privacy for a developer’s benefit. It isn’t rational.


Twitter could consider giving the user the option to allow access to the email address on the authorization form.


i think Twitter didn’t recognize the principle of oAuth. If user wants to share his details, including his email id, with his due permissions then how does it impacts the User’s privacy?


Maybe they should simply rename their API to OMessage since it’s really about the messaging and not so much about authenticating identity !


The impact is dramatic and clear: Users can revoke the auth for a rogue application via Twitter. Users cannot revoke sharing an email address in a manner that Twitter could enforce. While we are all honorable developers, the chance to spam and phish users would be irresistible to others.


ok. removing twitter auth from my web sites…


That’s sucks! wasted time!, removing twitter integration!


Yep, twitter removed


Twitter integration removed #sadface

Seriously Twitter dev team, email is still foundational for the rest of the app world, even if you don’t need it.


The main problem is that you can’t check for duplicates.
Let’s say a user logs in with facebook in my website or by standard login…

After a while he goes to a friend’s and logs in with twitter. BAM new user since i can’t get it’s the same email address. All his data are not there anymore (just because he logged in with a newly made account) and I get a complain.

Thanks a lot Twitter Dev Team… Goooood Job

Needless to say i removed twitter login as soon as i found out this sadface


Wow. If this is true, we probably won’t even start a Twitter application…