Twitter not working



I can’t tweet from my desktop computer the text box is greyed out and does not show any buttons when selected. I can tweet from my phone but since yesterday I have not been able to tweet on my PC. I have cleared my cookies etc. but It’s had no effect.


i cannot open twitter on my pc and its not working on my iphone. on my iphone, it says, “Could not authenticate you.”. plzz solve this problem quickly! thank you!


Every time I try to send a twitt, I receive this message: It looks like your twitter acces token has been revoked or your password has changed - type your new password in the box below, and we’ll sort everything out for you"

I type password and save, they accept, back to my twiiter app, try to send the tweet again and the message keeps appearing. Cant post any twiit :frowning:


It seems I can post from my twitter page but not through my TweetDeck app for my PC. I will have to solve it with them.


Please navigate over to for user support.


Why aren’t any of my buttons working? Seem to have this problem only since I restarted my computer an hour ago. Also getting light grey text instead of black; can’t send Tweets.


Mine Twitter won’t work is it because the Racists who let Zimmerman get away with Murder are silencing our voices?



Twitter has stopped working on my PC! Even the sign-in screen is nothing more than DOS looking words from the screen. When I scroll down there is a sign-in box but when I put in my username and password nothing happens. My account works on my phone, but will not work at all on my PC with a Windows XP operating system. I can access my account on a co-works machine running Windows 7 but not on XP. Please help!