Twitter not sending SMS to phone


I need to confirm add a phone number in order to get the API keys. I have being trying to confirm my phone for a week now, the SMS never arrives. I’ve tried it from the web and from my android phone. Doesn’t work. How can I solve this? I found this similar question (kind of old) with no real answers:

I’m from Ecuador, that is my phone number starts with 593 … I have found threads in the internet writing that it doesn’t work on some countries. If this is not a bug, it is a pretty stupid policy, we’ll just find a USA number and verify the apps with that phone (this undermines all of Twitter data-science lol).

Any solutions?


I was having this issue a while ago as well. What I did was text (SMS): 40404, which is the twitter line,
the word “start”. This will connect twitter to your phone. then now try to send the verification code again and this time you should be able to recieve it! :smiley:

Hope this helps! ^^


Did anyone solve this? "I’m from Ecuador too. I’m not receiving the sms


Thank you Kiitzue - you have saved me after many hours of frustration! I texted the UK number and that did the trick. :slight_smile:


I’m still unable to receive any SMS confirmation and in fact, after texting both “start” “START” and “Start” with no luck, I’m now getting an error message saying an SMS cannot be sent. Anyone else having this issue? I need to register my number just to get access to the public and secret keys for dev work…