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Early 2013 we developed a very popular download app which helped website owners and eBay sellers share their images in scheduled Tweets to Twitter.

Many users requested that we developed a web-based version of our app, and we sought further investment to make this possible. We secured investment to build a web-based version of our app.

Our App became especially popular with Etsy sellers, and we wrote to Twitter Partnership in December 2015 to explore possibilities of working in partnership. To date we have heard nothing.

When the web-based version of our app first started posting Tweets we noticed Twitter wasn’t allowing many of the hashtagged Tweets to go through, yet the same Tweets if tested on Buffer App or Hootsuite would post ok.
We know this is not a problem with our coding, as there is currently a download version of Tweet Eye that works very well (at the moment), it seems to be the case that because the web version sends messages from the same ip address that hashtagged Tweets don’t get past Twitter’s spam filter, whereas the download version where users are Tweeting from different ip addresses there has been no issue.

We have done everything possible to make our app acceptable to spam filter checks that Twitter has. We have even built in a ‘bad words’ check into our app to eliminate ‘bad content’, we have reduced frequency of our tweets from 30 minutes to 2 hours, every Tweet has unique symbols and includes a photo, therefore technically unique and not a duplicate Tweet and very eye catching. We have built in a feature to randomize the hashtags so that our web based app isn’t sending dense recurrences of the same hashtag. Despite communicating all of this to Twitter via online support forms nobody at Twitter will answer us.

We were originally intended our app to be an app that Twitter would wish to partner with us and had orignally kept it bespoke for Twitter, but due to user complaints of the hashtags not being allowed to work and no communication or help from Twitter, we have had to implement other social network APIs for Tumblr and Pinterest. Fortunately the APIs of those social networks do allow us to send hashtagged posts.

The whole issue with Twitter not allowing our app to send hashtagged tweets has meant many of our users of the original download of Tweet Eye, which there were over 2000 downloads in the first year, still keep using the download rather than the new web-based.

Enterprise Ireland an initiative of the Irish Government has taken an interest in for its potential to help sellers and create jobs, even mentioning this in a online form to Twitter does not seem to have had any sway, and our company is now having to look into doing a rebranding exercise to change the name, which we will be putting out to Irish college students.

I have never come across a company so unpreprared to answer emails to its developers, especially developers offering partnership opportunities of great potential.

I would really appreciate it if someone in Twitter support can help us.

Twitter not allowing hashtagged tweets

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