Twitter Mention Timeline not returning post


The following post is not getting returned by
for the account The post contains a mention to this account.


Why is this post not returned for the mentioned account?


That post was from several days ago, if the account @Amica gets a lot of mentions you will have to paginate through them using cursors. Also, there is a limit on the number of mentions you can look up for a user so if there have been a lot since that tweet you may not be able to fetch it.


I am already using pagination and I am yet not getting this post.


Is that post within the 800 mentions limit for the timeline endpoint?

If you’re expecting it to be there and it is not (i.e. earlier posts are showing but this one is not) then it could be filtered out for a number of reasons e.g. if it was marked as spam or reported by another user, withheld in a geo (unlikely in that particular case), etc.


Thanks @andypiper for the response.
Is it possible that a tweet marked spam by another user is not fetched via mentions_timeline but is returned via statuses/show API?



Yes, it could be filtered out of a timeline or array of search results, but still be retrievable directly by Tweet ID.


Thanks a lot for the clarification!