Twitter marks my website as spammy/suspicious/unsafe. Can't figure out what issue is


I run a sweepstakes/giveaway platform online and anytime our domain is shared on Twitter, it’s blocked because twitter marks it as unsafe/suspicious. “Oops! A URL in your Tweet appears to link to a page that has spammy or unsafe content.” <- is what message comes up

I have filed a ticket several times. Twitter doesn’t provide any feedback. I’ve read through the Terms and Rules and can’t figure out what’s wrong here. I checked Google diagnostic’s report, the website URL comes up as completely safe.

We’re not trying anything fishy or shady on our platform. If anyone can please help shed some light on this, I would really appreciate it. Our team just wants to understand what the issue is so that we can resolve it and do the right thing going forward.

Thanks in advance, means a lot


Can someone please provide some clarity on this? If we’re doing something wrong, I just want to know what it is so we can resolve it. Thanks


was it resolved?
My website also blocked from today?
Looks like Twitter now went out of control.


no, still not resolved. Twitter has been absolutely useless with this. Tried everything I could to reach/contact someone and have just been 100% ignored.


did you open case with Twitter support?


yes, several times with no response at all


I’m getting the same issue on one of my sites:
It’s a wordpress site, mobile responsive, and is using the Digg Digg plugin which does the social media tweeting. Any hints?


me same website:-