Twitter Long code(of UK) mobile activation doesn't seem to work


I’m a user from India who tried to authenticate Twitter with R. After I filled the ‘CREATE NEW APPLICATION’ form (, it said that I was required to register my Mobile Number, which I did by sending SMSs to the long code(of UK) as given in the following link-
However, when I sent a test tweet from my phone to the long code it didn’t appear on my twitter profile. It’s been nearly 5 hours now. For verification purpose, I crosschecked my SMSs over and over again but they were perfectly in accordance as per the link given above.
What could have possibly gone wrong? If not this, is there any other method to authenticate twitter with R so that I could continue with data analysis of tweets?


Same Problem!
I need an application for my website, but it doesn´t work. Not with the long code and even not on the normal way.



Hello everyone encountering the same problem!
I found a solution to this issue. Not necessarily the same for all but in my case,i hadn’t installed the twitter app on my cell phone prior to filling the application form.
So i would suggest people to first install the twitter app on your mobile phone, log in to the app like usual, and then fill up the application form. Having followed this procedure, i have successfully obtained my api,secret key!
Hope it works for you as well!