Twitter login


I got this code which can help me set up the twitter login in my site:

I see I have to set values to these two variables:

$consumer_key = "";
$consumer_secret = "";
  • $consumer_key - Twitter consumer key
  • $consumer_secret - Twitter consumer secret

Where do I get them from ?


Hi there,

You’ll need to register an application at – that process will yield you these tokens that you’re looking for. You may want to consider using a more frequently updated library like


Thank you! :slight_smile:


may any one let me know how i may get trend from Oauth. I am using twiiter api.


Hi guys,
I am trying to share a IMAGE on Twitter through Own Website Image, if anyone have a Idea about this, Please Share the View.



How can i close the twitter window once twitter redirects it to my website with oauth token and verifier.
I have opened a child window, which should get closed after redirection.


url format error unable to create app